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Welcome to Live Simple Lab

We're on a quest to create a simple life filled with freedom & joy.

Our WHY, Our Quest

What is Live Simple Lab? We have one mission—to create the simplest, least chaotic way of living so we can pursue what brings us joy.

Simple, right? Deceptively so.

To live a simple life, we must first define what simplicity means for each of us. My version of a simple life might be your version of a living hell. Staying true to YOU is the key to our entire quest.

We start with defining how we want to FEEL— during our day, during our week, during our life. How do we want our work to make us FEEL at the end of the day? How do we want our relationships to make us FEEL at the end of the week? How do we want our free time to make us FEEL?

Again, deceptively simple. But profoundly powerful. When we gain clarity on how we wish to feel, we can begin to shift our work, strengthen our relationships and declutter our lives.

During our quest together, we’ll focus on some of the deeper aspects of simple living— soulful businesses or side hustles (to create more freedom from soul-sucking jobs), tools to better understand and cultivate our energy, mindful engagement with technology and embracing wellness as a means of simple living.

Making A Mess... Together

The name Live Simple LAB implies that we’re experimenting here. And we are. All the time. Living simple is one giant trial and error and we have to be open to making a mess of all the things before we can step into our beautifully simple life.

Making simple messes TOGETHER is why Live Simple Lab was created. This community is your safe space to explore the depths of what you want from your life.

We’ve created live and virtual events, private groups for targeted experimentation supported by experts and courses to help you step into the soulful simple life you’re craving. Your beautiful simple mess can remain a private journey or you can allow us all to support your mess and help you tidy up a bit!

Embracing Ubuntu

We’re also here to explore a new definition of self. Our Western culture has attached the sense of self to an individual’s level of career and monetary success in a society. I’m here to ask you to embrace the concept of Ubuntu and embrace a definition of self through the communities we belong to and thrive within. A sense of self derived from the collective.

While exploring this redefining of self based on the collective, we’ll also explore the very ways in which we view community in our modern world. What if your community could reach beyond geography and monopolistic social media platforms and expand into something virtually safe and deeply satisfying? A community where self-aggrandizement and "insta worthy moments" are actually NOT encouraged. A community where your authenticity and your true self are celebrated-- in all its beautifully messy glory!

What if engaging in a virtual community—connected to a physical location—actually empowered you to connect on a deeper level with the collective and gather together to elevate the energy in times of peril or celebration? What if staying connected to fellow Live Simple comrades allowed you to expand in a way you never thought possible? Let’s explore these “What Ifs” together and see all that's possible together.

Your Guides

Living simple isn’t an easy undertaking, but I promise you the effort is worth it. I’ve been living a simple life for well over a decade and while it still has its messy moments, I have complete control of my time and my lifestyle. I can fill my life with pursuits and work that bring me joy and feed my soul. I’ve created a lifestyle that allows me to travel freely, never buy a round trip ticket if I don’t want to, spend extended periods of time with my family, spend the day at a coffeeshop creating art, take my lunch breaks at the beach, and so much more.

We’ll show you how to introduce simplicity into your life here at Live Simple Lab. We’ll use a multitude of tools and frameworks to help bring structure to your journey and we’ll support one another as we travel through this quest for a simple life together.

But our journey reaches beyond me. I’m simply the person who built the framework of this gathering space. The expert guides here to help build this platform and the community we’re inviting into our space is the heart and soul of Live Simple Lab. And that means you, lovely human.

Our expert guides are people who've devoted their lives to their craft and possess a powerful drive to improve our world by applying their gifts to help evolve the collective consciousness. Our guides are also amazing humans who make the planet a better place by just being on it. From transformational energy healers, to powerful yogi teachers, to soulful business coaches and wellness experts-- our Guides are have a vast amount of wisdom and expertise to help guide us on our quest together. 

Join Us

Please. Join us. We need your light and your spark. 

  • Embrace simplicity. 
  • Redefine self & community. 
  • Cultivate time & space.
  • Elevate your energy.  
  • Strengthen the collective. 

Our modern times call for a whole new way of living our lives and traveling through this world. We’re done with the individual’s journey. It’s time to take a collective adventure together. Now.

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If you're ready...please sign up using the "Join Us" button above or download the mobile app just below and become a part of the journey. 

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